• Decadent Blueberry

    Decadent Blueberry

    Isn’t it a beauty? Come and fall in love with our Decadent Blueberry Cake that has an ultra-moist Vanilla sponge base with a smooth vanilla cream.
  • Chocolate Nutella

    Chocolate Nutella

    A medley of an insane amount of chocolate and an equally insane amount of Nutella is what dreams are made of. Grab a bite of our delicious Chocolate N
  • Good Old Pineapple

    Good Old Pineapple

    Give a knock your childhood doors with our good old classic pineapple cake! Celebrate your day with an ultra-moist pineapple sponge cake layered with
  • Red Velvet Revamped

    Red Velvet Revamped

    A Delicious Red Velvet cake with a mouth-watering twist is what our Red Velvet Revamped cake is made of. A naked cake version for red velvet has a bas
  • German Blackforest

    German Blackforest

    Take a slice of our classic version of famous German Blackforest Cake aka “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte” and you will not regret it! I Promise. A lu
  • Exclusively Ferrero

    Exclusively Ferrero

    Carve a memory of a lifetime with our Exclusively Ferrero cake that has a scrumptious Chocolate sponge base with a delicious and light chocolate frost
  • Snow White Forest

    Snow White Forest

    Work of an art..isn’t it? ‘Close your eyes’, ‘take a bite’ and you will definitely fall in love with our drool-worthy strawberry flavored ca
  • Very Strawberry

    Very Strawberry

    Time has come to wish your loved ones ‘A VERY VERY STRAWBERRY BIRTHDAY’ to them! And the reason is none other than our popular Strawberry flavored
  • Oreo Crunch

    Oreo Crunch

    When a highly tempting Light chocolate cake is stuffed with crushed Oreos inside and on top of it, it becomes even more irresistible and decadently de
  • Chocolate Oreo

    Chocolate Oreo


Cake Of The Month

Surprise Cake

Who doesn’t love a surprise? We all do! A Colorful vanilla cake offered by our chef is going to be the tastiest surprise you have ever got. Thousands of colorful and yummy gems, jellies and all the other candies will be waiting to burst out and fill your taste buds with flavors like never before.


Jar Cake

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