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About Us

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Why Dee’s Bake Studio?

“Being a relentless alchemist of flavors, Dee’s Bake Studio brings forth whimsical and luxurious creation that not only impresses your eyes but taste buds as well. Dee’s Bake Studio is a one-stop place to satiate your sweet hunger pangs. We offer flavors of cake which are surely going to complement your sweet tooth with new, exciting and exquisite designs. Our Studio is put forward as the perfect blend of E-commerce platform with the personalized experience of a home bakery. The aura created by our professionals will leave you astonished and delighted. ”

What can you expect?

You can expect the most exceptional quality of a variety of cakes and other products that are made with imported, good quality ingredients and most importantly with love. An outstanding culinary artist that Dee is, she offers the purist approach to the craft. The extraordinary masterpieces made by Dee’s Bake studio are perfect in flavors, bursts with authenticity in their first bite and gives you a feeling of pure bliss. Imagine a cake and Dee’s Bake studio will make it for you. Our expertise lies in customizing cakes as per your imagination and themes. Not only will the designed cakes will be matching your description but the flavors we put in will be no other. Our forte is to keep our customer happy no matter what. And to achieve that we ensure on time delivery, maintaining safe and hygienic environment in the kitchen and using quality controlled ingredients. Take a slice of our cakes and experience delectable flavors and perfect execution.

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About Us


Innovation lies as our core strength. We constantly bake new flavors and customize designs to provide better experience to our customers.

About Us


Ensure that premium ingredients are used to create the product, keeping quality an utmost priority.

About Us


Nothing beats putting a smile on customer’s face while enjoying our bakes. We put great emphasis to ensure that our products are delivered on-time

About Us


Safety and Hygiene of workplace and professionals is a key to make our products safe to consume. We follow strict hygiene conduct as per the FSSAI codes.

Who’s DEE?

The Founder and Head chef, Deepakshi Gupta is a cake connoisseur who has a passion for quality baking with an eye for details. Dee’s saga of becoming a baker, sure initiated as a chartered accountant student but the passion soon overpowered her conscious and led to the beginning of a super-modern and a world-class bakery studio. She learned the art and science of baking from a recognized pastry school, Academy of Pastry Arts, India and an extensive hands-on kitchen training at the world renowned JW Marriott, New Delhi. Even her intensive experience in Malaysia with world class chefs and world champions of the respected field has helped Deepakshi put herself on the map of this dessert-loving world. Her contemporary, unique and highly advanced baking techniques have helped her design cakes and other bakes that are chefs-d’oeuvre in themselves.